From Direct Mail to Online to Mobile Marketing, Money Mailer Solutions Deliver the Results You Need.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of direct marketing is to reach the right audience. This is where Money Mailer’s expertise will help you reach your goals. Our marketing consultants have full access to Money Mailer’s state-of-the-art market research data and targeting capabilities. These are used to determine the right neighborhoods and households for your advertising message.

The famous Money Mailer shared mail envelope is where many of our marketing programs begin. Shared mail reaches specifically targeted households at a price that makes sense to local business people.

Money Mailer is interactive. With your coupons are available to your customers whenever and wherever they are. Our coupon search engine helps consumers find exactly what they’re looking for; even putting directions to your doorstep at their fingertips and letting them share your offers with their friends. Our latest marketing breakthrough also lets you deliver advertising messages and coupons to busy consumers through their cell phones and on 1,000’s of websites interactive marketing solutions.

‘Cool’ Rainy Day Specials Keep Cash Registers Ringing
A New Jersey Rita’s Ice uses a shared mail and mobile campaign to increase traffic during their normally slow periods and doubles their anticipated daily sales.

Adding Mobile to the Marketing Mix Motivates Customers to “Hit the Brixx” (PDF)
Brixx Pizza of Charleston, SC integrated a mobile coupon program with shared mail and got more than 360 opt-ins and saw a spike in sales and customer traffic.

Broadband Internet service provider narrows reach to save over $100,000 (PDF)
We help this wireless ISP create custom trade areas to cut their customer acquisition costs by 50%.

Cable company gets connected with more customers (PDF)
Call for call, dollar for dollar, our cost per call (CPC) is lower for the client than competing direct marketing companies’ CPC.

Casual Dining Chain Takes a Bite Out of the Recession (PDF)
The client achieved a 350% return on investment with an average response rate of 8% via an integrated one-to-one and online coupon circulation program.

Cinnabon Finds Sweet Success By Targeting Small Businesses (PDF)
Despite the slow 2008 holiday shopping season, Cinnabon achieved a 54% return on investment.

Deli Sandwich Chain Takes a Bite in to New Profits (PDF)
This franchised quick-service chain layers success with new sandwich trial, increased visit frequency and increased guest check size.

Family Dining Restaurant Adds Mobile Coupons to its Marketing Menu (PDF)
Sanders Restaurant and Pancake House in Illinois was looking for an integrated program that would bring in customers during slow periods. Using a mix of shared mail and POP displays, Money Mailer helped Sanders build a database of over 300 customers.

Family Italian Restaurant Uses Mobile to Invite the Neighborhood to Dinner (PDF)
Scoogi’s restaurant wanted to connect with their customers. By integrating mobile marketing, they were able to build a database of over 400 in the campaign’s first six weeks.

Free Quesadilla Offer Brings in Customers to ‘New’ Restaurant (PDF)
Global Quesadilla of St. Louis, MO turns to Money Mailer to inform customers about it’s new location and menu.

Handyman company’s direct marketing repaired (PDF)
We fixed it 22% better than the competition in a head-to-head competition.

Healthier Fast-Food Business Flourishes in Challenging Market (PDF)
Froots restaurant in Antioch, IL uses mobile marketing to promote its unique menu and gets over 260 consumers to opt-in.

Hotel chain books 30% more rooms than expected (PDF)
A popular hotel chain sets some lofty goals. And, with the help of Money Mailer Direct Marketing, achieves even loftier ones.

IHOP Tempts Customers’ Cravings with Mobile Coupons (PDF)
The mobile campaign of two local IHOP restaurants has resulted in over 300 opt-ins since its launch, for an average of 100 per month.

Jeweler’s Results are as Good as Gold
Fawn Jewelers, a long time Money Mailer customer sees overwhelming success with a one-to-one campaign.

Loan Company Advances Lending by 1,055% (PDF)
A loan company decides to try direct marketing. With the help of Money Mailer Direct Marketing, they achieve a 1,055% ROI.

Local Dry Cleaner Sparkles with Innovative Marketing (PDF)
Family Dry Cleaners uses a mobile marketing campaign to promote their weekly specials and increase traffic.

Local Pizza Restaurant’s Mobile Marketing Calls Answered by Young and Old Alike (PDF)
Rosati’s Pizza in Overland Park, Kansas was looking for a new marketing channel to grow their business in the face of fierce competition. What they got was a customer database of hundreds.

Mediterranean Inspired Restaurant Sweetens Relationship with Customers (PDF)
Caffe Gelato in Newark, Delaware adds mobile to the marketing mix to share their nightly promotions with customers.

Mobile Marketing Delivers Delicious Savings (PDF)
A local Dairy Queen in Salisbury, MD collaborates with Money Mailer to create their most effective marketing initiative to date.

Oggi’s Pizza Dishes Out Mobile Campaign to Younger Demographic (PDF)
An Oggi’s Pizza location in California wanted a cutting edge solution for connecting with younger consumers. Money Mailer Integrated Media helped them reach consumers in the mail and on their cell phones.

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N Bake Pizza ‘Heats Up’ Sales
A local Papa Murphy’s location generates 4% in incremental sales after adding mobile marketing to their shared mail campaign.

Pat’s Pizza Slices Off Bigger Piece of Market Share Pie with Mobile Marketing (PDF)
Pat’s Pizza in Dover Delaware uses Money Mailer’s mobile marketing solution to increase its customer traffic each week during normal slow periods.

Pizza Chain Rolls in the Dough with New Customers (PDF)
This franchised pizza restaurant chain puts toppings on revenue in a down economy while differentiating from the competition.

Pizza Planet Finds Mobile Coupons Out of This World (PDF)
Texas based Pizza Planet was seeking an integrated direct marketing approach to connect with consumers. Money Mailer’s mobile coupon campaign helped them generate $2.50 in profit per opt-in.

Poultry Business Finds a Needle in the Haystack with Targeted One-to-One Postcard Campaign
Allen’s, a large player in the poultry industry, turns to Money Mailer to help them target a very specific audience.

Sub sandwich chain gets 47,000 new fans (PDF)
We help a sub sandwich restaurant overcome a sales decline in a big way.

Supermarket bags 4.2 million loyal customers (PDF)
With the goal to develop and grow their loyal customer base, we converted secondary spenders into primary spenders—resulting in an 11% gain in profits.

TCBY Connects with College Students on their Cell Phones (PDF)
A local TCBY in Maryland turned to Money Mailer to help grow its college student customer base. The result is a database of loyal customers and a 20% redemption rate on mobile offers.

Telecom company connects with 23% more customers (PDF)
With the client’s customer base declining at an alarming rate, we direct a mass marketing program to success.

University fills 38% more seats at home games (PDF)
One of the nation’s top research universities scores a touchdown and slam dunks boost in football and basketball season ticket sales.

VoIP client gets lift using analytics and customer match-back (PDF)
A measured 25% lift in response was achieved with a creative targeting for this Voice-over Internet Protocal (VoIP) phone company.