Money Mailer provides a standardized, best-in-class call tracking and call analytics tool.

The service provides local or toll free phone numbers that can be inserted on ads. These numbers ring through to the business and provides access to data regarding the quality of ads that generate the best calls, number of calls produced, and where those calls are originate. You can even log in and listen to the calls.

What is the underlying technology of Money Mailer’s Call Tracking Program?

Money Mailer’s Call Tracking Service is an award winning platform:

Internet Telephony Product of the Year, Amazon Web Services Grand Prize Winner, and Google Analytics featured product.

Why should I use call tracking?

Each time a consumer calls the phone number on your ad, metrics are collected identifying which ads are generating leads to help you make informed marketing decisions on offers and creative for each ad campaign.

Should I use it on all my ads?

Utilize call tracking on ads where the desired consumer response is to make a phone call.

Industries that depend on phone calls and include a phone number on an ad should replace that number with a call tracking number from Money Mailer. Such industries that depend on phone calls include: auto repair, tire, auto dealer, pizza or any delivery restaurant, home services (plumbers, roofers, electricians, HVAC, lawn care, landscaping, contractors, cabinets, cleaning, etc.), doctors, dentists, lawyers, … basically any business that a consumer would consider calling before buying.