Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

This is a program that is available through the USPS that gives businesses the ability to send postcards or flyers to a large audience without having to purchase a mailing list or addressing services. This enables you to get mail to your desired areas while reducing mail preparation cost and at a discounted postage rate, which is .10-.20 cents per piece savings.

Mail Made Easy

We design and print your EDDM pieces to USPS specifications. You can then determine the mailing carrier routes to select based on the areas that you desire to target.

Mailing Services Requirements

Once your mailing routes have been selected, you must sort , bundle, attach facing slips and deliver to the post offices serving the zip that you wish to mail. You can do it yourself or we can do it for you for an additional service fee.

Available Postcard Sizes

  • 6.25” x 9”
  • 6.25” x 11”
  • 8.5” x 11”
  • 11” x 17”

FREE Map Count

Let us do the work for you. We will run a report of your location and show you how many prospects are in your determined area. The one thing that separates our maps from the USPS tool is we include demographic data such as median household income and average age of homes on the route.